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  1. I'm excited to share with you this Fortnite: Save The World guide when it comes to Survivor Squads and the Power Levels Many have started playing Fortnite with the Battle Royale as their introduction. And who can blame them — the game mode is free and super frenetic, it's really fun. But many still don't know Fortnite started out as a zombie hoard, tower defense, cooperative/team-based shooter called "Save The World" and it's also very good. The story is really thin, but the gameplay is awesome; you need to farm materials so you'll have enough for when the zombies come over. You will set up traps, defenses, and everything that you can so you can survive the night. Do so and you'll gain lots of goodies that will make the next stages easier. I personally played this a long time ago on PS4 and really enjoyed it. I hope more people gets exposed to it so Epic continues to develop it.
  2. HEY DUDE!
  3. Fortnite and Epic Games was faced with a lawsuit over a dance emote. You guys probably already have an idea what it is. I wonder how things will unfold
  4. Have you guys seen Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness? No spoilers here, don't worry. It's INCREDIBLY GOOD! Sam Raimi is amazing.
  5. Hey guys! Has anyone played Elden Ring yet? I recently got a copy but I am currently too busy playing Cyberpunk 2077 (on my second playthrough; my first was normal difficulty as a hacker/netrunner, and this time I'm a gunner at very hard — so fun!). I plan to play the game soon but I noticed, Elden Ring doesn't really hold anyone's hand — everything or most, you have to learn for yourself, such as running away from tough bosses (Tree Sentinel, anyone?) to picking out which base or optional boss to go first. I love it. But then again, some people think the cryptic design is a "mess" — do you agree with this? Because I think it's good this way to avoid spoonfeeding. You learn which is best to learn for your chosen class. Even the way you can hold two swords, or one sword and the other a shield, was a big discovery for me. What are your Elden Ring experiences so far?
  6. Hey guys I came across news that Riot, the guys behind LOL, is trying their hand on a new game called "Project L" at the moment. I think it's still tied to LOL but will somewhat be different. Personally, I'm all about this. I'm a retired LOL player and I have moved on to something less complex like Pokemon Unit but I admit I kinda miss LOL I just got burned out of it. What do you think? Does this seem like a good plan for LOL and Riot in general?
  7. I noticed the software section is empty so I had an idea to share Handbrake. It's my favorite video encoding tool. It converts any video to compressed MP4 - what I mean by this is that the size gets smaller at barely any video sacrifice. I love anime and so I use this to compress larger sized files to smaller ones to save space. To this day I still use an external 1TB Western Digital external drive (that's beside the PC drive I use) so I have to conserve as much. This tool really helps.
  8. Just curious if there are any fans here. XD My favorites are all old school: Yu Yu Hakusho, Slam Dunk, Initial D, and the venerable Neon Genesis Evangelion. More recently, I am rewatching Attack on Titan. I watched it before till the end of season 3 but forgot about the story so I started again from the beginning. Any favorite titles you guys would like to share?
  9. Name : JungleHeart or call me JH Age : 30+ Country : Philippines What are your hobbies ? : Gaming, movies, anime, collecting stuff How did you find us ? : Found it randomly while searching for forums on Google XD Favorite game : Pokemon Unite, Destiny 2, Cyberpunk 2077, and various RPGs Hello everyone! Glad to be here!
  10. Great picks OP! I l love Marvel films too. My fave are the Thor and Ant-Man series. I love the Shakespearean themes of Thor, while Paul Rudd is just amazing and hilarious as Ant Man. Something wildly different: I recently watched Munich: The Edge of War, it's a spy thriller, and I really like it.
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